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Welcome to the Only Hearts Club® online catalog, where you can purchase a wide variety of exciting and unique Only Hearts Club® products in a secure environment. Girls love Only Hearts Club® dolls because they look like real girls with beautiful faces, eyes and hair, are soft and poseable, and dress in cool fashions. Parents and grandparents adore Only Hearts Club® because the brand delivers a wholesome, age-appropriate image and positive message to girls through a series of books that encourage girls to listen to their hearts and do the right thing.

Only Hearts Club Dolls

OHC Li'l Kids Fairies & UnicornsOnly Hearts Li'l Kids Fairies & Unicorns! It's the amazing Li'l Kids Fairies and Unicorns! Fly away and soar through the clouds with your Li'l Kids Fairy or Li'l Kid Prince and their adorable, bright colored Unicorns! The Fairies love to wear their sparkling wings and take care of their friendly Unicorns. Collect all of the Li'l Kids Fairies and Unicorns and go on a great new adventure with them every day!Click here to review the Li'l Kids Fairies & Unicorns.

OHC Li'l KidsOnly Hearts Li'l Kids Outfits! The Only Hearts Li’l Kids™ are so small and so cute. Now you can dress them up to look cool and fashionable, just like their big sisters, the Only Hearts Girls™. Make sure to mix and match to create all sorts of fun and original outfits!! Click here to review the Li'l Kids Outfits.

Hannah Faith and Kayla Rae Only Hearts Club Members! Hannah Faith & Kayla Rae™ Meet the two newest members of the Only Hearts Club®! Hannah Faith™ and Kayla Ray™ are sweet girls who are good to their friends and have promised to listen to their hearts and do the right thing, like all of the members of the Only Hearts Club®. They each come with a pet kitten and look forward to many fun and exciting adventures with the Only Hearts Club®! Click here to review Hannah Faith™ and Kayla Rae™.

Wooden StableThe Only Hearts Club® Big Sister-Li'l Sister Dolls. It’s Karina and her little sister, Melody and Olivia Hope and her little sister Kristy! Little sister is always looking up to her big sister...watching, learning and imitating, so each Only Hearts Girl™ has an important responsibility to “listen to her heart and do the right thing,” to take care of her little sister, and to set a good example for her. In addition to the Big Sister…Li'l Sister™ sets, Only Hearts Girls and Only Hearts Li'l Kids™ are also sold separately, so you can collect and match your favorites! Click here to review the BigSister-Li'l Sister Dolls.

So small PetsSo Small Pets™ now in-stock. So Cute...So Soft...So Cool! The newest toy industry hit. These little (approximately 2 inches tall) plush pets come in a wide variety of animals and colors, and feature adorable faces and soft, cuddly bodies. Their Velcro® paws allow them to hold hands to form bracelets, necklaces and barrettes, or to hold on as a backpack, pen or pencil buddy. COLLECT THEM ALL!. Click here to review the So Small Pets™.

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